REVISED: January 20, 2016

Due process for exiting a gifted student from gifted services can only occur by a placement committee. Procedures include a request for exit by a parent, teacher, or student. The request must be filed in writing with the Supervisor of Gifted Programs. Due process for removal shall include the following:

1. In the event of a parent request for removal, the reasons for removal must be filed in writing with the Supervisor of Gifted Programs.

2. In the event of a student request for removal, parental permission must first be obtained.

3. Prior to a teacher request for removal from the program, the GT Facilitator will notify parents of the concern and allow sufficient time for the student and parents to correct the concern.

4. In the event of a teacher request for removal, parents will be contacted to arrange a conference with the student, parent, and GT Facilitator to discuss reasons for removal from the program.

5. In the event that a parent cannot be reached or refuses to attend a conference, the reasons for removal will be discussed with the student.

6. If it is determined that a student will be dropped, a copy of the removal request and reasons for removal will be filed with the Supervisor of Gifted Programs and other concerned school personnel will be notified.

7. Parents will be notified in writing when a student is dropped and advised of appeal procedures and re-entrance procedures.

8. Parents may appeal a removal decision by requesting a review of the reasons for removal by an Appeals Committee.  If that decision is still questioned, parents may appeal to the Superintendent of Benton Public Schools.

9. Students removed from the program may request re-entrance at the next program change.  If students desire to re-enter before the next program change, they may request the Selection Committee to review the circumstances and reasons surrounding their removal and to consider replacement in the program at that time.


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